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Allo La Guêpe - Operation Management System

Allo La Guêpe - Operation Management System

Allo La Guêpe is a wasp and hymenopteran control company, operating in Normandy, France. It is a small team, focused on providing the best quality job to municipalities, companies and citizens.

From April to November, they are busy working on the field, with up to 12-15 jobs per day per person.

They came to me in order to help them structure their operations. In the past years, they had organized their operations and management with the Google Suite tools; it was great, but very repetitive, time consuming and error-prone.

I first identified a couple of CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) solutions that could fit their needs: I ranked them, talked with product owners and presented it to Allo La Guêpe. But after talking with the company we had identified as the best fit, and thinking it through, they thought it was too early and too much of an investment for now. Another reason is that their invoicing system doesn’t have an API yet and couldn’t integrate with the CMMS, so it was not worth making an important time and financial investment if the solution was not complete.

So we found a solution to automate their processes and remove the repetitive steps based on the existing.

They already used Google Calendar, so I adapted the process to their current workflow. They keep on adding the operations in Google Calendar, then a script processes the event and generates a Google Form pre-filled link with a maximum of information, that is added in the event description.

This form is then filled in by the operator after the operation, with the client information and type of intervention.

Once submitted, it fills a Google Sheet, centralizing all their operations from where they can monitor their activity, create invoices and make statistics. Furthermore, we adapted the document to their business which is quite peculiar. As wasps and hornets are pests, some city councils and prefectures (who certified them) reimburse some of their work to the client - through Allo La Guêpe, making them send multiple invoices for one intervention. We managed to optimize this management, to remove all the nightmares it could cause.

Everything is fully automated thanks to Google Apps Script (Javascript) and the Google Suite.


Louis LAIR

Louis LAIR


We can only thank Baptiste Jacquemet and recognize his great professionalism, in addition to an excellent customer service. Today, our IT works perfectly and we have made a big leap forward in our company development. If you are looking for a skilled and rigorous entrepreneur, we recommend you Baptiste.