Hi, I'm Baptiste 👋

I'm a Project Manager, Web Developer and Entrepreneur



I helped the founder define the service Volo would offer and the user experience. We based the service on Melissa’s experience and the first users’ feedback.

Volo is a platform to help students connect with nonprofits, show their volunteering experience and build new skills.

Together with a designer, we defined the branding and identity of Volo.

From there, I developed the website, following the style guidelines, in Node.js (Express) and MongoDB; the front-end was pure Jade views and jQuery.

When we first launched, we quickly got around 100 monthly active users; we iterated on our first version to enable volunteers to better showcase their volunteer experiences. As they were mostly students, it was important for them to have a place where they could build a portfolio of philanthropic activities and highlight them when applying for their first job.

Main features built:


Melissa Mitchell

Melissa Mitchell

CEO & Founder

Baptiste was a pleasure to work with. We needed a testible MVP, but as we were at the early stages of our business, we weren’t yet sure what needed to go into that. In designing our MVP, Baptiste asked the right questions and created something tangible and beautiful for us to take and test with potential clients. This helped us to save lots of time and money in getting the feedback we needed before building the first version of our platform. What’s really great is that as he has a wide range of skills, Baptiste was able to combine his firm understanding of the client’s needs with his user centred design approach and technical expertise to provide a cost-effective solution for us.