Hi, I'm Baptiste 👋

I'm a Product Manager and Web Developer

Baptiste Jacquemet

Hi, I'm Baptiste 👋

I'm a Product Manager and Web Developer


I’m a Product Manager and Web Developer. I’ve been working abroad for most of my professional career, but I’m back in beautiful Bordeaux for now 🍷.

I love traveling and living abroad 🌍. In the past years, I had the chance to live in Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Barcelona, New Zealand. These experiences gave me the opportunity to know beautiful people I’m glad to still call my friend.

My peaceful place. Mount Taranaki, NZ

My peaceful place. Mount Taranaki, NZ

Since University

After graduating from UTT as a Computer Engineer, I started working at FABERNOVEL as a Project Manager, first in Paris 🇫🇷, then in San Francisco 🇺🇸, where I also worked for PARISOMA - their Coworking Space.

Getting back to Europe, I needed to keep my sun level pretty high and wanted to speak Spanish again, so I moved to Barcelona 🇪🇸 where I stayed for 4 years, working as a Freelance on different projects (short and long term).

In 2017, I created Deverify (now Devskiller with Alex Castaño, a tool to help companies test developer skills during the hiring process.

Last year, after Deverify got acquired by Devskiller, I went to New Zealand with my wife, where I had the most amazing and diverse experiences!

Now I’m back in France, where I aspire to work on projects that have a positive impact socially and environmentally.

Work values

I want to make my clients happy about my work and I don’t hesitate to make a extra mile to satisfy their need. I’m true to my values of transparency, quality, and enthusiasm.

Transparency: The world of tech can seem pretty obscure and complex to non-tech people. My role is to make things accessible and understandable, and lead them in the right direction. To achieve my job properly, I need them to trust me.

Quality: As the proverb says “If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well”. I consider all jobs and tasks to be important, and for each of them, I want to deliver the maximum quality I can.

Enthusiasm: I consider happiness one of the most important things in life, so I do my best to be always positive and dynamic with my collaborators. Our daily interactions should always be cordial, fun and constructive. I expect it from myself and try to avoid people that don’t comply with this.


Apart from working, I love cycling 🚴, hiking 🗻, padel-tennis and traveling. Beyond traveling, I like being abroad, exchanging with locals and getting to know other cultures. I think that being abroad and speaking foreign languages broaden your mind and your thinking.