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Coopérative Bouchère Paysanne - Booking

Coopérative Bouchère Paysanne - Booking

The “Coopérative Bouchère Paysanne” is one of the three slaughterhouse in France managed by farmers: it’s small and local. They chose to slaughter their animals themselves after scandals of animal mistreatments emerged in France. They now focus on taking great care of the animal wellbeing in its last moment and on quality, not quantity. Unlike other slaughterhouses, they know how important it is for farmers to have the best job done; so the coop takes time to listen at their needs and tailor the work done accordingly.

As farmers, their main job being taking care of their herd, they have to work differently from other bigger slaughterhouses and optimize all the work.

My job was to make it easy and time efficient to manage bookings from farmers, organize their workload and generate the required documents for people on the ground.

The process is now pretty simple for both clients and managers:
Clients (farmers) make their booking thanks to a Google Form, which are easy to access anywhere. Their bookings are processed and displayed on a dashboard, thanks to which someone from the coop can organize the work, depending on availability. Each week, they generate and print documents for people on the ground to be able to easily manage clients and their work. From the initial requests, the generated documents enable them to organize 6 different weekly jobs.

The booking processing and document generation are fully automated thanks to Google Apps Script (Javascript) and Google Sheet.


Valentine Boisseau

Valentine Boisseau


Baptiste threw himself into our project with a lot of enthusiasm and professionalism. He came to meet us, immerse himself and understand our context, objectives and constraints. Although we thought we'd understood and well defined our needs, Baptiste quickly helped us identify inconsistencies and potential flaws. With his positive and external point of view, he was able to build the tools suitable to our needs without problem. The result was immediately efficient on the ground and positively received by all members of the team. Baptiste not only created a technical solution matching our skills and needs but even anticipated future needs.